This blog was created because I had decided to make definite, positive changes in my lifestyle after developing Hypothyroidism seven years ago. Knowing, first hand, the struggles with Thyroid disease, motivated me to share the vast amount of information I discovered while coping with this disease. I hope this blog will be helpful to anyone facing the same health issues. The more research I do, the more shocked I am to find that what we consume in our food is often harmful, toxic, and can be a contributing factor to developing disease. It has been said that knowledge is power. I agree. The more we know, the better. Of course we may know the right thing to do, but practicing it is another story altogether.

I have found that healthy foods can be just as delicious as unhealthy foods. Also, everything with moderation. If I eat healthy 98% of the time, I do not feel guilty treating myself, on occasion, to something not quite as healthy. That usually happens around the holidays which I consider a time to reward myself for good behavior.

Ofttimes, it takes some form of disease to motivate us to modify or change our eating habits, and improve our lifestyle. If you are not eating healthy food, I would like to encourage you to do so, before disease enters your body. I hope that the food recipes, and information I share on this blog will be beneficial to whomever reads its pages. Be proactive and take charge of your lifestyle. You will be glad you did.

Disclaimer: What I post on this blog is not a statement of healing for diseases.  Many of my references are from multiple sources.


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